Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Are drug dealers targeting our children?

This is a photo of a substance known as Strawberry Meth or Strawberry Quik. I received this photo from a friend who was concerned that children in our area may fall in to this trap. Supposedly this drug reacts like a popular candy called Pop Rocks. It snaps and pops in your mouth and has a sweet taste. According to it is indeed a possibility that these drugs which smell and taste like candy may make their way into our communities. Even though the text message I received may not be 100% accurate, I still believe that we should warn our children about the possibility of drugs that appear to be a candy like substance. If a child were to eat a handful of this methamphetamine it could make them very ill. Not to mention the fact that Meth is addictive, and many Americans have unintentionally become drug addicts by using Meth for recreational use or as a way to "stay awake" or "lose weight." Meth is speed, it is made of toxic substances and can cause brain damage, psychotic behavior and often causes Alzheimer like symptoms.
You may also go to the DEA website on Meth for more specific information. This webpage explains how the drugs are ingested and offers statistics regarding Meth usage.
Drugs are becoming more widespread in our society and the people who use drugs are from every walk of life. Old, Young, Rich, or Poor you can not judge whether a person uses drugs by the way they look or the lifestyle they live. Children and teenagers are particularly succeptible to drug and alcohol abuse.
If you are concerned about drug use in your family, our clinic offers several options for drug testing. We offer complete, accurate and confidential testing, and can provide instant tests which test 5 or 10 types of substances, and are great for testing current use. We also have more detailed testing that we can send to a lab and test for specific drugs. In addition, we offer hair folicle testing which tests previous drug levels over the course of several months. To view our price list and to get more information please go to our website at
I hope that you and your family never have a need for drug testing. If you do please call us for more information.

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