Thursday, October 8, 2009

Healthy Immune Systems Need Vitamin D

Did you know that a healthy immune system is the key to avoiding many of the common illnesses that we face today? To keep your immune system working at its optimum levels you need, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, a healthy diet, plenty of rest and regular exercise, and lots of clean water.

Research shows that low vitamin D levels are one of the factors that can leave your body unprepared to fight off a virus like the swine flu, or even the common cold. During the winter months it is almost impossible expose your body to the amount of sunshine it needs to build its own vitamin D. Many people do not receive enough vitamin D from the sun due to other concerns as well. A simple blood test can determine if your vitamin D levels are in optimum range.

Call our office today to schedule a vitamin D screening, and to discuss how to prepare your immune system for the winter months ahead. You may also choose to schedule a wellness exam to discuss how to implement a wellness program that will have you breathing easy through this years cold and flu season.

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