Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HCG Diet Plan

Have you been struggling to lose weight?
New research shows that HCG can help burn the hard to lose fat that many can not shed.

Three Kinds of Fat

  1. Structural Fat, Used to protect body organs, and arteries, and to keep skin smooth and taut
  2. Normal Reserve Fat, Used to store energy for immediate use.
  3. Abnormal Fat, burned only after normal fat stores are depleted. It is not available to the body in emergency energy situations.
When you diet to lose pounds the first fat to be used up are the normal reserves, then the structural reserves. Finally, the body resorts to the abnormal fat stores to find the energy it needs. By this point most people have already gotten so tired and weak that they give up on the diet. Instead of losing the largest stores of fat they have decreased the important fat that protects their bones and makes their skin look taut, so they look older and more wrinkled. The HCG diet burns the abnormal fat around the hips, thighs, potbelly, and double chin. It releases 2000 calories per day to burn as energy from these places.

An obese person requires more calories to function than a leaner person, because it takes more energy to move around, maintain body temperature and simply exist. If you recall the fat types we discussed in the previous paragraph you will notice that these people are burning their normal stores of fat for energy, and then feeling exhausted until they consume more calories.

The standard length of treatment is 23 days for an overweight person. Obese patients may stay on the program for 40 days, and then if needed may wait no less than 6 weeks and do another round. If more rounds of treatment are required each resting period must be progressively longer than the last. Scheduled breaks are 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 20 weeks and 6 months.

HCG contains Human Chorionic Gonadotropin - a hormone naturally produced in the body. It has many functions and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions. It is the pregnancy hormone, but during pregnancy the levels double every two days. This hormone allows the body to mobilize fat and use it as energy for both mother and fetus. This acts as a "fail-safe" mechanism when energy is needed immediately. For weight loss, we use only a very small amount of HCG to capitalize on this same mechanism. Using HCG in this way does not mimic pregnancy; in fact, it can be safely used by both men and women.

In a non-pregnant state, HCG as a weight-loss aid helps reduce the craving for food by making stored fat available for metabolism thus aiding in the ability to adhere to a rigid diet program. HCG accesses unnecessary fat stored in the body just as it does in early pregnancy. Abnormal fat deposits disappear; the double chin, potbelly and fat around hips and thighs are the first to go. HCG does not deplete subcutaneous or other essential fat. For many, complexion improves, gaining a natural freshness and healthy glow with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Most HCG Weight-loss participants see a loss in girth (inches) before they see any substantive drop in the scales. When properly supervised, the result is rapid weight loss and improved body shape during and after treatment. Scientific evidence suggests that HCG promotes lipolytic (mobilizes fat) activity. Reshaping of body contour is quickly noticeable in those patients who struggle with fat located in buttocks and hips area. As the HCG metabolizes stored body fat, about 2000 calories are released into the bloodstream, thus allowing for a low calorie per day diet without experiencing fatigue, weakness or hunger.


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  2. I have been on HCG for 5 days now. So far, I have lost 10.6lbs and that was in 3 days! The first 2 (bulk) days I gained 2.6lbs but the first day on the scale sold me!!! I, unfortunately, did not hear of Dr. Kessinger's program until Day #5. I sure wish I had!!! This program is AWESOME!!!! If you have weight to lose, you should try this program!!!

  3. I have had great success, if it didnt work for you, you have done something wrong to date I have lost over 25lbs in 28 days