Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are you getting what you pay for? Discount Supplement Dangers

The supplement industry is a very large industry. As with any industry there are honest, hard working, reliable companies who work very hard to make sure their supplements are the best available, hpwever there are companies who spend less time worrying about quality and more time on the end result ... profit.

What does this mean? It means that you may be getting a better price for what you think is Vitamin X, but you may not be getting vitamin X. It's also possible that you may be getting something in addition to the vitamin, such as Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, and a whole array of other toxins or chemicals. Currently, the supplement industry is not required to follow any specific labeling or manufacturing standards which would prevent this from happening.

ConsumerLab.com in their November 9, 2010 posting, discussed this very topic. They analyzed 10 different forms of valerian root (often used for stress and relaxation) and found that only 3 met their label claims. They also tested for heavy metals, such as lead. They found that only 5 out of those 10 met label claims. In their study for potency (content of the substance advertised) they found 0%, 26.7%, 36.8%, 57.1% and 82.5%. 3 of these 10 products showed measurable amounts of lead from 1.2 mcg to 3.5 mcg.

Why is this information imortant? First, if you purchase the supplement which has 0% in it... guess what? You have no idea what you are consuming. It could be any type of filler, or other substance, but its definitely not what you thought you were buying. Often people will say, I can't take vitamin such-and-such, because it breaks me out in a rash. More than likely, it's the fillers they used that you are sensitive to. Even if you purchased the supplement that had 82.5% in it, you never know what else is in there!

This is important information for you to understand.

The products that we recommend to our friends, families and patients are all tested and are guaranteed to be accurately processed and labeled. Many of our suppliers take an additional step, and voluntarily adhere to pharmaceutical standards and practices. When possible, all of our products are created without allergens such as soy, wheat, gluten and casien. When it's not possible to avoid commonly known allergens, the products are accurately marked to prevent any type of reaction by the consumer.

I always tell people that it is this simple. If it's on the label it's in there, if it's not on the label... it's not in there!

When it comes to the health and safety of yourself and your family, it's important to stay educated and know that you have options. It's ok to challenge the things you hear and read. Do your own research, ask questions and get answers from people and sources you trust.

We hope that we have earned your trust over the years, and we will continue to provide what we hope is useful information. Feel free to call or stop by the office if you need more information or have any questions!

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  1. I always go for discounted goods when I go shopping but for important things such as supplements, quality goes first. I don't even buy nor use those that have low prices because I don't want to compromise the quality.