Monday, September 20, 2010

FLU Formula Available Soon!!! Call now to reserve yours!

FINALLY... a homeopathic answer to the Flu Vaccine, and it's only $20.

No more needles in the arm!!! Kessinger Health and Wellness Diagnostic Centre is proud to announce that we have a homeopathic option for those who prefer to dodge the needle. This product is made in limited quantities, and will only be available while we have them in stock. We expect our shipment to arrive in the next week or so, and they are going fast.

We are only able to get our hands on a small quantity of this years Flu Formula 2010-2011, so if you prefer to use a homeopathic to increase your chances of avoiding the flu call us now to reserve yours. The number to our office is 573-341-8292.

What is a homeopathic?
Homeopathic remedies are created based on the idea that “Like treats Like.” For hundreds of years, people have been treated using this philosophy. Homeopathic physicians learned that if you find a substance that causes a specific symptom in an individual, when you reduce it down to minute particles in water, it can cure those symptoms. The final result of this dilution leaves only a “pattern” of the original substance, but because the body knows how to react to the substance, it also recognizes the pattern of it. This works very well in instances where the substance itself causes side effects, because the homeopathic version will not cause side effects.

We have seen amazing results with our patients and friends who have used the homeopathic version of the HCG diet, and are happy to be able to offer a homeopathic option to help our community combat this years flu season.

Flu Formula 2010-2011 is made from the most current flu vaccine available using this homeopathic method. With adults, the dosage is done as drops which are placed under the tongue (just like our homeopathic HCG drops), and used once a day for 4 weeks. Then there is a booster dose three weeks later. For children, the drops are absorbed through the skin.

These drops are only available for a limited time, and when they're gone that's it! Call us now to reserve your bottle of Flu Formula 2010-2011 and be ready this season!

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