Monday, May 3, 2010

What is a DABCI?

DABCI is an acronym for Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists. A chiropractic internist is a doctor who uses specific diagnostic skills to diagnose and treat a wide variety of internal disorders. These doctors are the "cream of the crop" when it comes to diagnosing chronic illnesses and in many instances can help people who have been told "there is no more we can do." They are also very educated in disease prevention and achieving and maintaining optimal health!

DABCI diplomate doctors have completed an additional 300 hours of classroom instruction on the inner workings of the human body and the processes that keep it functioning at its optimal level. Often these criteria are overlooked or ignored by standardized medicine. There is nothing "cookie cutter" about a DABCI doctor's practice. These specially skilled doctors look at each patient as an individual, their patient history, blood work, level of health, overall appearance and attitude, are all taken into account before a diagnosis can be made.

DABCI practitioners are skilled at getting to the core of the problem and treating the cause of the symptoms. They do not treat symptoms, they treat the disease process. Many illnesses that modern medicine has no cure for can be treated by DABCI doctors with much success. Illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chron's disease, IBS, migraine headaches, lyme disease, heart disease and diabetes can be greatly improved and often completely resolved with natural therapies offered by these doctors.

Many times, DABCI practitioners, through specialized diagnostic testing and skills, can pinpoint health problems before symptoms become evident and prevent illness from occurring. These specialized tests are not new, nor are they only used by the DABCI doctor, but in the hands of a DABCI practitioner these tests are indispensable tools for detecting future health concerns. The tests themselves are the same tests that are run at many clinics and hospitals. It's how the tests are interpreted and understood which makes the difference.

DABCI doctors understand that occasionally a person does need critical or crisis care, and must be sent to the hospital for emergency intervention, but in many cases these crises can be prevented by taking charge of health before the situation becomes critical. It's this skill that DABCI doctors hold dear; the ability to help people overt serious health problems with lifestyle changes and proper nutrition.

Changing habits and balancing nutrition is an effort that takes time and requires the patients participation and commitment. Many conditions can be eliminated rather quickly with minor changes to eating habits and nutritional supplementation, but some conditions require a more complex approach and complete health may take a little longer to achieve. Having a healthy body without the intervention of drugs is something that many people wish to accomplish. DABCI doctors are very well educated on how to prevent disease, as well as, how to treat it with natural therapies and nutrition. If you wish to learn how to help yourself and your family live longer, more active and healthy lives call your DABCI practitioner today. For a list of practicing DABCI doctors in the US you can go to our website Doctors are listed by state and can be found through their local phone directory.


  1. What doors will this degree open up for me? Also, how much more can I expect to make with this speciality?

    1. As a chiropractor this degree really opens you up to be a whole health provider. Not only will you deal with chiropractic concerns, but you will be trained and confident to treat a multitude of common ailments, as well as help people who have not had good luck with allopathic treatments. You will also learn to utilize and understand diagnostic testing, and be able to explain it to your patients in a way that they will not get from any other doc.