Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stop Smoking with HBOT - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Smoking causes several different reactions once it enters the body.
  1. Nicotene reaches the brain in about 10 seconds, and is found in every cell in the body; including breast milk.
  2. Carbon Monoxide adheres itself to the oxygen receptors of red blood cells and causes them to carry less oxygen than a normal red blood cell.
  3. Smoking also causes oxidative stress, which has been shown to increase aging, promote atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and damages the lungs.
  4. Smokers immune systems are at constant battle with the carcinogens and chemicals in cigarette smoke. This causes chronic inflammation, and lower levels of antioxidants.
There are many reasons that smoking is not a healthy choice, and many people want to stop smoking. For those of you who have tried every method available to stop smoking, there is still hope.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy forces oxygen into places where red blood cells can not reach, and oxygenates the entire body. For a smoker who already has depleted oxygen, a "dive" in the chamber can bring about an exciting change. Dr. Jay likes to say "it makes your body fall in love with oxygen again. " Oxygen is required for life, but not only life, it is required for vitality. HBOT slows the aging process, oxygenates the blood and plasma, heals sore muscles, expands and regrows damaged capillaries, revitalizes damaged tissue and much more... Many who have used HBOT to stop smoking say that their cravings are nearly gone almost immediately.

If you look at the processes related to how your body reacts to invaders like smoke, or food sensitivities it may help explain why its so hard to stop. When you take in something that is a foreign substance, or in the case of food sensitivities "something your body views as a foreign substance," it is treated like an invader. Your body recognizes it as an enemy and starts to build up its defenses against the invaders. This causes adrenaline and other chemicals to increase in your blood stream causing a "rush" of good feelings. Of course, we as people enjoy the burst of excitement that is caused by these invaders, and since they don't normally cause a severe reaction... we crave that sensation again, and again.

You may know someone who will say, "Every time I eat ____ I feel bad, but I like it so much I eat it anyway. "As if it's worth the pain to get the rush they receive from eating it. Smoking and other addictions are very similar.

What if you could get your body addicted to OXYGEN? Using HBOT to stop smoking increases your oxygen levels immediately. As time goes on you feel better, have more lung capacity and more energy. You might even start a new hobby, like walking, to increase your oxygen levels daily. Which in turn will reduce your risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other common ailments.

It's never to late to stop smoking, and the benefits are definitely worth it!!!

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