Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are you taking a break?

Did you know that many people skip their breaks at work? Most employers encourage their employees to take a 10 minute break in the morning and afternoon as-well-as a 1/2 hour to an hour lunch-break. Many workers claim that they do not need a break, or they work better if they just keep going. Some claim that they are too busy to take a break.

Breaks are good for you for a few different reasons.
  1. They allow your brain to clear and reset.
  2. They get your blood flowing, if you get up from your desk.
  3. If you go outdoors you are absorbing sunlight, which increases your vitamin D production.
  4. They allow your muscles to relax and for you to use different muscles for a short time.

Did you know that sitting for long periods of time is not only bad for your circulation, but your blood consistency? Your liver produces a chemical that keeps your blood the correct viscosity. If you sit for extended periods, such-as a long car ride or plane trip, you add to your risk of forming a blood clot, because this chemical is not getting to the blood in your lower extremities.

So if you are one of those people that sits at your desk, or takes your break while working or balancing your checkbook, think about the benefits of that 10 minute break. Absorb some vitamin D(you need 10-15 minutes every other day), walk for 10 minutes (get part of your 200 minutes a week of exercise), climb the stairs a few times, chat with a co-worker, relax and think about what you will do on your vacation. Those 10 little minutes are yours, you should use them for yourself.

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