Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Introduction to Kessinger Health & Wellness Diagnostic Centre

Chronic disease begins almost un-noticeably with a chemical imbalance in your body. These imbalances are due to either mechanical (vertebrae out of place or frozen), chemical (malnutrition, pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, industrial inhalants, or even preservatives found in our foods), or emotional (stress) problems. Disease is cured by correcting these imbalances. Ideally, these imbalances will be detected and corrected in their early stages. This will prevent diseases from developing into a health emergency crisis which can result in much pain, expense, disability, and possibly death. While the use of drugs and certain medication are essential for such crisis care (in saving lives), they will never make anybody healthy. Prevention of disease can only be accomplished by early detection and correction of the chemical imbalances.
The walking wounded is an apt description coined for those whose health has deteriorated to the point the person has early symptoms indicating something is going wrong, such as being tired all the time, but has not progressed to the point that a specific disease process can be named. Have you ever heard a story like this? "They sent Aunt Lucy to the hospital for some tests to find out why she is tired all the time. They did a lot of tests, but still don't know exactly what is wrong. They want her to come back in about three months so they can run some more tests." Of course, what they are doing is waiting for Aunt Lucy's condition to more fully develop so it an be identified. Medication can only be aptly applied after an identifiable condition can be named.
There is a better way. Since we are natural biological organisms, we can only maintain, or regain good health through a natural approach -- through foods and lifestyles in keeping with our individual biological needs that nature gives each of us. We all must learn to care for our own bodies, since we alone live in it, we feed and direct it, and we bear the direct consequences of eating habits and lifestyle practice out of line with our natural biological requirements.
Simply stated, the foods that you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe make up your chemical intake and your body's fuel supply. A properly working nervous system determines our health. Any chemical imbalances we may have can only be a direct response to one or more of these.
Drug and high tech approaches to disease management are slowly yielding to overwhelming amounts of new research evidence that supports the importance of food and nutrients, a proper nerve supply, exercise, clean air, and emotional security.
In order to determine the perfect fuel mixture (food, vitamins, and minerals) and oxygenation (exercise) for you, it is necessary to run some of the tests which are indicated by your history and examination. These tests will give us the information needed to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and your health problem. In addition, vertebrae that are out of line or fixed, and causing nerve pinch, will be gently adjusted to insure proper nerve conduction relieving any problems which may be interfering with good health. Since your nervous system controls all of the other systems in the body, back pain from a pinched nerve may indicate a much more serious problem other than discomfort.
Because we believe that every person we have the privilege to serve deserves the very best care that science can provide, we recommend a complete "Ecological Orthomolecular Holistic Health Care Examination" If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to us about this Total Approach to Health.

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